Recombobulation Area at the Milwaukee Airport

I travel frequently for speaking engagements, and it is always a new adventure. How do you feel after going through security and putting yourself back together?

Recomboulation area

In Milwaukee, they call it a ‘recombobulation area’ – it fits and it is fun.

Employees decided to have a little fun with the situation. The sign is hanging at Concourse C security checkpoint. The experience helps passengers recover from a stressful experience and serves the airlines purpose.

When Work and Play Collide!

What if play was an essential part of work? What if it has been the missing ingredient that has forced people to adopt an unhealthy, serious attitude towards work, career and their lives in general?

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The average American spends about 1,700 hours every year working. Worse still, are the much higher numbers worked by people in positions of power.